out of my mind jacket_2By Sharon Draper

Out of my mind is a courageous story about a little girl, Melody Brooks, surviving elementary school and the people in it.

Melody Brooks has always been smart and strong, but know one knows it. They think she’s weak, dumb, and always a baby. That’s because Melody can’t do anything with WORDS. As in, she cant talk. Nor can she walk or write. Being stuck inside her head is making her go out of her mind, until she discovers a machine that can help her talk. Now trying to be part of a group, she tries out for the quiz team… and makes it!!!! After two weeks, her teacher announces that Melody and the other kids trying out will compete on live television, and then if they win that round, will go onto the next one in the county over. And if by some miracle they happen to win that round, they will go to Washington DC for the national quiz cup!!!! But when she gets left behind…

Out of My Mind is story of courage, that keeps readers hooked until the end of the book, when they finally learn what Melody is really capable of. This book inspires children who are different, showing them that they ARE special and important. This is great book for 8-10 year olds and I really hope you read it because its special!  It’s really fantastic and  I hope you enjoy it!:)


Readerella :)




A Little Princess        

Classic Start Story’s retold from the Frances Hodgson Burnett


A Little Princess is an unforgettable story of a rich little girl, who looses all her money.


Sarah Crew is the daughter of the wealthy Captain Crew. Sarah and her father both lived in India, until the climate was poor in India and it wasn’t safe for children to live there. Captain Crew decided it was best for his daughter to be safe, so they left India on a boat set for London. Once they arrived in London, they took Sarah to a boarding school for young ladies. They made arrangements for Sarah to stay for 2 years and have everything that she asked for. A year later, war breaks out and Captain Crew is sent to battle. Just at the end of the battle, Captain Crew gets shot.  The last words he said were about his little girl…


This is a fantastic book for 3d-4th grade girls, because it shows them what it means to be a princess. I have asked myself, if I could change anything about this book, what would I change about it? NOTHING!!, is my answer. For me it is an unforgettable and tragic, but I know in my heart that Sarah Crew is a little princess. :)






By Jeff Smith

Bone is a adventoureus book of magic and mystery, that starts with 3 bone brothers.


Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone are three bone brothers, who were run out of their town, Boneville, because of some of Phoney’s backfired schemes. They travel in the desert for 2 weeks, and then get hit by a swarm of locusts. The locusts seperate them, and Fone Bone ends up in the forest living with two women, Grandma Ben, (also known as Rose) and Thorn, her granddaughter. While Fone Bone is living with them, Smiley Bone is working at the Barrelhaven tavern, the local tannery. And then Phoney is out there fending for himself, eating bugs and roots. Then after a LONG time like this, they reunite. Then later in the story…


Bone is a book full of magic and mystery, and leaves you with suspense after every book is over. (except the last, the 9th). A lot of people have asked me if I could change one thing about this book, what would I change? And I answer: I wish it could be a little bit easier to understand. Now, this does not mean it’s a bad book. It just means you basicly  have to be 9-11 to understand it.(or older).

P.S-This is a comic book :)



The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell
By Chris Coulfer

Join Conner & Alex Bailey as they travel throughout the magical ‘Land of Stories’. This magnetizing book starts of with just an ordinary fairytale book… that lead’s into another realm!

Conner Bailey is the laziest person in his 5th grade class. In fact, he ends up dozing off in the middle of his teachers lessons! Then theres his twin sister, Alex. Unlike him, she’s the smartest person in their class and easily the teachers pet. Life has been hard for the Bailey family since there father passed away. There mother has been working double shifts at the hospital, but that still isn’t enough.

If I was in a fairy tale and could change anything about this book… I wouldn’t change anything! This is a fantastic book for 8-12 year old’s and should keep daydreamers at the edge of their seat’s! If you read this story and like it, you might also like.

Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede. :)