What can I say?  I love to read!  I read all day and I’d read all night if my mom let me.  I read in the car, at recess, in the lunchroom, and sometimes, while I’m walking (but that can make me bump into things).  We are moving to a new house soon as I asked my mom to design it like a library.  Seriously.

I created this blog to share what I think about the books I’ve read.  Some of them are amazing and I really want everyone to read them.  Some are just ok.  But I always enjoy a good book.

10 things about Readerella.

1. I have two brothers that make me crazy. :)  or :(

2. I have one, or should I say 8,000, to many stuffed animals.

3. I like to read my books over and over again.

4. I’m eleven years old.

5. One day, I’d like to be a writer. (or a singer)

6. Some of my favorite singers are Ariana Grande, 5 Seconds of Summer and Demi Lovato

7. My favorite color is turquoise.


9. My favorite stores are Aeropastal, iTunes, American Eagle, and any bookstore.

10.  I love to read! But then, you already knew that.


13 Responses to About Readerella: The Princess Behind the Books

  1. Paul Redish says:

    This is awesome. You are awesome. I’m sending this to Tay, she is going to love it. Paul

  2. Sabrina says:

    I am very impressed with your blog and I think it is amazing that you love to read and that you are taking the time to share with others.

  3. feffi says:

    I still remember when you used to read to me at bed time. miss and love you . feffe

  4. Kim Hilliard says:

    Hello! I just wanted to say how awesome your blog is! I know their are many others girls out there with your passion for reading that will love keeping up with this! The whole concept and site are to die for cute! Here’s hoping you get that dream library you want :) Keep up the great work!

  5. Jade Berry James says:

    I love your blog! And some of your favorite books are my favorite ones too!

  6. Tara Davis says:

    Congratulations, Walker! I love everything about your new blog! Keep it up, with your eloquence I do believe Random House (or any publisher, for that matter) will be in your future!!

  7. Everly says:

    Great job on your website Walker!I love it!

  8. Jodie says:

    Hi! My name is Niamh and I live in New Zealand. I am 7 years old and I have two brothers who drive me insane! I love to read and I made a library corner in our lounge. I am going to ask my mum to get me some of the books you have talked about.

    I wish I could meet you and we could be book buddies!


  9. walkergrace says:

    Hi, Niamh!!! I am SOOO excited that you have decided to come to my blog!!! I really appreciate the comment you made, and hope we can get in touch!


  10. walkergrace says:

    P.S Thank’s, Everly

  11. walkergrace says:

    Hello, people looking at my book blog! I would just like to thank you for all the nice comments you make! I appreciate it!!!! :)


  12. Walker,
    Your Great Grandpa Al (this was Alfred Bennett IV), was a writer and a newspaper editor. He read and wrote all day, every day. Five days each week he wrote an “About Town” column for his newspaper, always laced with a gentle humor that endeared him to his readers. He is in heaven now, but I know he has the biggest smile on his face–and the same twinkle in his eye that you have–as you faithfully publish your blog, your reviews, and your entusiasm for the joys of reading. We are all so proud of you, but he would be especially so, since you are a girl after his own heart. /

  13. Cassandra Bennet says:

    I showed my sister your blog and she say’s how fantastic it is that you found your passion in life. She recommends her favorite book to you: Bill Peet: An Autobiography. Bill Peet was such an amazing talent!
    Hope you are practicing that terrific golf swing of yours!!!

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