AMERICANGIRLFELICITYAmerican Girl: Felicity Series

Meet Felicity.
Felicity Learns a Lesson.
Felicity’s Surprise.
Happy Birthday, Felicity.
Felicity Saves the Day.
Changes for Felicity.

All by Valerie Trip

There are many American Girl Doll books, but the Felicity series is my personal favorite!! Every book has it’s own meaning, but Felicity shows me that nothing is impossible if you follow your dreams!

Felicity Merriman is a colonial girl trying to find her place in the midst of the war. Does she want to be a loyalist, like her grandfather and her best friend, Elizabeth, or a patriot like the rest of her family. Then later in the series, she meets a beautiful and wild chestnut mare, owned by the cold-hearted scoundrel, Jiggy-Nye. She sneaks in and visits the horse, every midnight for a month. Then she decides to RIDE her. She wants to help her escape from Jiggy-Nye, but when she tries to jump the fence…

I think this book inspires girls! I remember back when I was in 3d grade, and I thought I couldn’t run a mile. And then I remembered all the lessons that these books have taught me. I remember how I told myself how I could do it… and then I did!! These books inspire girls, and show them¬†that they can accomplish anything!!

XOXO-Readerella. :)

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