out of my mind jacket_2By Sharon Draper

Out of my mind is a courageous story about a little girl, Melody Brooks, surviving elementary school and the people in it.

Melody Brooks has always been smart and strong, but know one knows it. They think she’s weak, dumb, and always a baby. That’s because Melody can’t do anything with WORDS. As in, she cant talk. Nor can she walk or write. Being stuck inside her head is making her go out of her mind, until she discovers a machine that can help her talk. Now trying to be part of a group, she tries out for the quiz team… and makes it!!!! After two weeks, her teacher announces that Melody and the other kids trying out will compete on live television, and then if they win that round, will go onto the next one in the county over. And if by some miracle they happen to win that round, they will go to Washington DC for the national quiz cup!!!! But when she gets left behind…

Out of My Mind is story of courage, that keeps readers hooked until the end of the book, when they finally learn what Melody is really capable of. This book inspires children who are different, showing them that they ARE special and important. This is great book for 8-10 year olds and I really hope you read it because its special!  It’s really fantastic and  I hope you enjoy it!:)


Readerella :)



2 Responses to Out of My Mind – The Best Book Ever!

  1. Grandpa Fred says:

    Dear Readerella,

    I love the way you highlight and “capsulize” the story in your review without giving away too much, but just enough to tantalize the reader. Great!

  2. samo says:

    hey walker its me sam how are you?


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