The One & Only Ivan

By: Katherine Applegate


Come one and come all to see… the one and only Ivan!!! The mighty silverback, the one with the loudest roar, and… the artist? You make think being a gorilla is easy, but it’s not. All Ivan wants is to be a painter, it’s what he loves to do. When the janitors daughter starts coming and shows him her precious drawings, Ivan sets to work to discover who he really is. And little Ruby, the precious little baby! Caretakers are supposed to treat animals with care, but that’s the exact opposite of what Ruby gets. Then problems occur at the Big Top Mall. Mack, the manager, faces big money problems… that could close the Big Top Mall. Can Ivan, Ruby and all the others discover who they really are, and save the mall?

I REALLY loved this book!! It was on my Battle of the Books list. I read most of the books, but Ivan was probably my favorite. I would give this book a 4 star rating, only because I thought it could have been a bit longer and more stretched out into months, like some other books. I recommend this book, it’s great!! :)


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