mrteruptBy: Rob Buyea

Jessica, Peter, Alexia, Danielle, Luke, Anna, and Jeffrey are all having there own problems at home, but when school starts, everyone’s life turns upside-down because of Mr. Terupt. Even though they all are very different, he knows how to make things fun for everyone, and how to deal with them.

Alexia, the bully, makes the girls get involved in a war. Danielle, who will never stand up for herself, makes big decisions on who she’s going to be. Luke, the big brain, needs to figure out how to stop bragging. Peter, the class clown and rule-braker learns a lesson. Anna, who is a outcast, turns the corner to knowing how to fit in, but in her own way. And Jeffery, the school-hater, who needs to learns how to love it. ¬†Battle of The Brains takes place, Luke and Peter are head to head, each coming up with smart-alecky Dollar Words. And everything is normal until a snowy winter day…

When an accident occurs that changes the lives of every student.

I would like to dedicate this post to my Grandpa, who gave me this wonderful book, Because of Mr. Terupt. It is told through the eyes of each student over the months. I would give this amazing book a 5 star rating. Rob Buyea writes it in the utterly most beautiful, true, and not to mention accurate way. Terrific book!!! :)


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