Meet Addy


By Connie Porter

Meet Addy is a emotional (and a little bit sad) book. It has parts that leave you with suspense, and parts that say to you, I can not believe that just happened! It all starts when her brother Sam and her papa are sold…


Addy Walker is a smart, emotional 9 year old girl, growing up as a slave in the midst of the Civil War. She has hope and courage, and never lets go of the dream of being free. But when papa and her 15 year old brother, Sam, are sold, she believes that all hope is lost. Her slave master and overseer are making things even worse! Finally she has a chance to go free, but if she does, it may impact some one that she loves…


I love the American Girl series, but I like this book (unlike the others) because she is smart and VERY determined to get her freedom. I really like this book, and can’t wait to read the next in the series! :)


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