By Susan S. Adler

Meet Samantha. Samantha Learns a Lesson. Samantha’s Surprise. Happy Birthday, Samantha. Samantha Saves the Day. Changes for Samantha.


Meet Samantha Parkington, a 9 year old girl whose life lies in Mount Bedford, New York. She’s a adventurous girl who loves to climb trees and listen to her grand mum’s seamstress, Jessie’s, story’s. For days her life consisted of boring things, until a maid named Nellie comes to Samantha’s neighbors, the Ryland’s, house. The girls quickly become friends, and try to spend time with each other. After a few months, Jessie has to leave and no one will tell her why! To find out, she and Nellie make a midnight escape to Jessie’s house and finds out…


The Samantha books teach girls that when people say you can’t do something, you should try your hardest and eventually you can! I sometimes ask myself, why do I like Samantha so much? And I tell myself: I like her because she listens to her own heart and shows the true meaning of friendship.


Readerella. :)


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