The Power of Poppy Pendle

By Natasha Lowe

Everyone knew Poppy Pendle was was special from the moment she was born – even she did!  When I say special, it’s is not like she could figure out the hardest math problem in the world, or she could write a whole 200 page book in 1h. She could do magic, that kind of special! She was the 5th witch in her family, and the rest of the 20 family members wanted her to be a witch. But she didn’t want or like to do magic, she liked to bake. Oh, how many things she could bake! Cookies, cakes, tarts, bars, candies and cupcakes! But her parents were pushing on her so hard that she didn’t even have time for it! What will this do to Poppy???

I think this is a wonderful book, and that it has many joys! If you would pop out of your computer or phone RIGHT ABOUT NOW, then you could ask me a million, bajillion questions about this wonderful book. But lets just stick to 1, so here. What did I like about this book? Well… I liked Poppy because she is different! I like books where characters believe in and follow their dreams, and this is one.  It is a fantastic, magical adventure that I recommend for ages 7+


Readerella. :)


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