The One & Only Ivan

By: Katherine Applegate


Come one and come all to see… the one and only Ivan!!! The mighty silverback, the one with the loudest roar, and… the artist? You make think being a gorilla is easy, but it’s not. All Ivan wants is to be a painter, it’s what he loves to do. When the janitors daughter starts coming and shows him her precious drawings, Ivan sets to work to discover who he really is. And little Ruby, the precious little baby! Caretakers are supposed to treat animals with care, but that’s the exact opposite of what Ruby gets. Then problems occur at the Big Top Mall. Mack, the manager, faces big money problems… that could close the Big Top Mall. Can Ivan, Ruby and all the others discover who they really are, and save the mall?

I REALLY loved this book!! It was on my Battle of the Books list. I read most of the books, but Ivan was probably my favorite. I would give this book a 4 star rating, only because I thought it could have been a bit longer and more stretched out into months, like some other books. I recommend this book, it’s great!! :)


mrteruptBy: Rob Buyea

Jessica, Peter, Alexia, Danielle, Luke, Anna, and Jeffrey are all having there own problems at home, but when school starts, everyone’s life turns upside-down because of Mr. Terupt. Even though they all are very different, he knows how to make things fun for everyone, and how to deal with them.

Alexia, the bully, makes the girls get involved in a war. Danielle, who will never stand up for herself, makes big decisions on who she’s going to be. Luke, the big brain, needs to figure out how to stop bragging. Peter, the class clown and rule-braker learns a lesson. Anna, who is a outcast, turns the corner to knowing how to fit in, but in her own way. And Jeffery, the school-hater, who needs to learns how to love it.  Battle of The Brains takes place, Luke and Peter are head to head, each coming up with smart-alecky Dollar Words. And everything is normal until a snowy winter day…

When an accident occurs that changes the lives of every student.

I would like to dedicate this post to my Grandpa, who gave me this wonderful book, Because of Mr. Terupt. It is told through the eyes of each student over the months. I would give this amazing book a 5 star rating. Rob Buyea writes it in the utterly most beautiful, true, and not to mention accurate way. Terrific book!!! :)


By Brandon Mull


Kendra and Seth are two normal kids. Nothing special about them. Except that they are about to enter a place scrambling with evil, greed, and magical creatures. Being the eldest, Kendra is responsible and obeys the rules, while Seth is a juvenile delinquent. When Seth and Kendra discover this magical resort, they disobey the rules and open the window on the most dangerous night of the year, Midsummer Eve. Consequentially, they get caught in the midst of a battle of good and evil. When Grandpa is kidnapped, it’s up to Kendra to save the resort for magical creatures, Fablehaven.



George Washington Carver was one of the greatest men on earth, in my opinion. Helping so many slaves and WHITE farmers everywhere, with his scientific theories. Most of his days were spent in the garden and in his lab, working at the Tuskegeee Institute in Alabama. He discovered the many way’s of using peanuts, besides eating them! He was considered lonesome, for his mother was stolen and he didn’t know what happened to his father, and he never had a wife. If you want to discover more about George Washington Carver and his Peanuts, read the awesome book! George Washington Carver in the Sower Series


Meet Addy


By Connie Porter

Meet Addy is a emotional (and a little bit sad) book. It has parts that leave you with suspense, and parts that say to you, I can not believe that just happened! It all starts when her brother Sam and her papa are sold…


Addy Walker is a smart, emotional 9 year old girl, growing up as a slave in the midst of the Civil War. She has hope and courage, and never lets go of the dream of being free. But when papa and her 15 year old brother, Sam, are sold, she believes that all hope is lost. Her slave master and overseer are making things even worse! Finally she has a chance to go free, but if she does, it may impact some one that she loves…


I love the American Girl series, but I like this book (unlike the others) because she is smart and VERY determined to get her freedom. I really like this book, and can’t wait to read the next in the series! :)



Guess what!!?? It’s snowing here in North Carolina, Chapell Hill!!! It’s so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to go outside with my crazy brothers!!! :)



Dork Diaries6

By Rachel Renee Russel

Nikki Maxwell is a new girl at West Chester Country Day Middle School, and is trying to fit in. She tries hanging out with the most popular girl in school, Mckenzie, but she just ignores her. While Nikki is struggling, 2 girls named Zoe & Chloe watch her and help her out. Eventually they become best friends, and everyone lives happily ever after… or do they???


Dork Diaries is a humorous book that keeps girls who like funny books until the end of the series, which hasn’t stopped yet!! It is a book filled with silliness, love and a whole lot of drawings! It is a fun book for girls to read, and I think that it is a good book for 8+

Dork Diaries 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Thank you for reading Readerella!!!! :)



By Susan S. Adler

Meet Samantha. Samantha Learns a Lesson. Samantha’s Surprise. Happy Birthday, Samantha. Samantha Saves the Day. Changes for Samantha.


Meet Samantha Parkington, a 9 year old girl whose life lies in Mount Bedford, New York. She’s a adventurous girl who loves to climb trees and listen to her grand mum’s seamstress, Jessie’s, story’s. For days her life consisted of boring things, until a maid named Nellie comes to Samantha’s neighbors, the Ryland’s, house. The girls quickly become friends, and try to spend time with each other. After a few months, Jessie has to leave and no one will tell her why! To find out, she and Nellie make a midnight escape to Jessie’s house and finds out…


The Samantha books teach girls that when people say you can’t do something, you should try your hardest and eventually you can! I sometimes ask myself, why do I like Samantha so much? And I tell myself: I like her because she listens to her own heart and shows the true meaning of friendship.


Readerella. :)



The Power of Poppy Pendle

By Natasha Lowe

Everyone knew Poppy Pendle was was special from the moment she was born – even she did!  When I say special, it’s is not like she could figure out the hardest math problem in the world, or she could write a whole 200 page book in 1h. She could do magic, that kind of special! She was the 5th witch in her family, and the rest of the 20 family members wanted her to be a witch. But she didn’t want or like to do magic, she liked to bake. Oh, how many things she could bake! Cookies, cakes, tarts, bars, candies and cupcakes! But her parents were pushing on her so hard that she didn’t even have time for it! What will this do to Poppy???

I think this is a wonderful book, and that it has many joys! If you would pop out of your computer or phone RIGHT ABOUT NOW, then you could ask me a million, bajillion questions about this wonderful book. But lets just stick to 1, so here. What did I like about this book? Well… I liked Poppy because she is different! I like books where characters believe in and follow their dreams, and this is one.  It is a fantastic, magical adventure that I recommend for ages 7+


Readerella. :)


AMERICANGIRLFELICITYAmerican Girl: Felicity Series

Meet Felicity.
Felicity Learns a Lesson.
Felicity’s Surprise.
Happy Birthday, Felicity.
Felicity Saves the Day.
Changes for Felicity.

All by Valerie Trip

There are many American Girl Doll books, but the Felicity series is my personal favorite!! Every book has it’s own meaning, but Felicity shows me that nothing is impossible if you follow your dreams!

Felicity Merriman is a colonial girl trying to find her place in the midst of the war. Does she want to be a loyalist, like her grandfather and her best friend, Elizabeth, or a patriot like the rest of her family. Then later in the series, she meets a beautiful and wild chestnut mare, owned by the cold-hearted scoundrel, Jiggy-Nye. She sneaks in and visits the horse, every midnight for a month. Then she decides to RIDE her. She wants to help her escape from Jiggy-Nye, but when she tries to jump the fence…

I think this book inspires girls! I remember back when I was in 3d grade, and I thought I couldn’t run a mile. And then I remembered all the lessons that these books have taught me. I remember how I told myself how I could do it… and then I did!! These books inspire girls, and show them that they can accomplish anything!!

XOXO-Readerella. :)

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